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Why They Serve Outline, Appeal And Discussion

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1. Give an outline of the various views on serving in the army presented in the three texts.

The one thing, that the three texts have in common is the theme; serving in the army.
In text one, Why they serve, Sarah Palin tells her own story about her son, Track, serving in the army, and she tells about the feelings she has. She sees serving as a way to protect the idea of America, not just geographically. Sarah Palin is proud of her country and the unity, and she is proud of her son. She wonders for what reason some young men and women want to risk their lives to defend their country. For her son, the reason is family. He has young members of the family, and he wants a safe ...view middle of the document...

Fick does not regret his time in the service. The view on serving in this article is positive.

2. How does Sarah Palin engage the reader in text 1? Illustrate your answers with examples from the text.

Sarah Palin engages the reader in text one by different tricks. For example, she mentions the family bond, which is something almost any reader could relate to. She uses pathos, which is one of the three modes of persuasion, and makes the article very sensitive and relatable.
“I was the mom of a young soldier being sent overseas to defend our country” [1] and “(…) I am filled with a genuine sense of awe” [2], are two good examples of Palin putting her feelings and thoughts into the article, and she uses this to reach the reader. Especially the parents, who have sent their sons and daughters into war are related to the article.
Palin is trying to reach the ‘patriotic I’ inside of the reader with the way she describes America. Here she uses ethos, another one of the three modes of persuasion, because she shows that she knows what she is talking about. “We are the only country in the history of the world that was founded not on a particular territory or culture or people, but on an idea. (…) they are doing much more than defending a piece of land. They are defending the idea of America itself” [3].
Sarah Palin uses intertextuality when she refers to some great personalities. By this she makes the reader think that her opinion is good, because she agrees with some great personality, for example Ronald Reagan.

3. Taking one of the texts as your starting point, discuss what motivates young people to fight for their country.

There are a lot of different things that can motivate young men and women to fight for their country – for their family, for adventure, for their ‘patriotic I’, or maybe because they just want to fight. What motivates the young people is individual.
In text one, Why they serve by Sarah Palin, Palin writes about her son, who has enlisted in the army. She wonders what it is that the young people are longing for, and why they want to put their lives into risk. For her son, the reason...

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