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Why They Serve Essay

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The fighters of our time

Why do countries go to war? In some cases soldiers and innocent people get killed because of countries, which have different ideologies they can’t compromise. In the first story written by Sarah Palin the reader get a motivating story on why the soldiers serve. Why they serve is also the title of her autographical text from 2010. David Zucchino 
has written a story from a soldiers perspective on how hard it has been to go fight fore the country. At last Joel Pitney round of by sharing another angle on how it is to be in the army.
The first text is written by Sarah Palin and is called “Why They Serve”. In this text the reader is given Sarah’s opinion about why ...view middle of the document...

Nathanel Finick whom been on duty two successful times doesn’t regret joining the army. “It’s where I learned to use the words duty, honor and love without being cynical.” In this quote he explains that he has found the true meaning of simple words because of this life changing experience. Although Finick pursued other dreams afterwards he didn’t regret being a marine officer.

Sarah Palin manages to engage the readers with the rhetorical appeals, ethos logos and pathos. Sarah uses all three appeals to catch the readers’ attention. Because of her position as vice president She already gains ethos from the beginning. “[...] I had been chosen by John McCain as his vice presidential running mate.” In this quote she gains a certain kind of status that makes her reliable. She uses the word chosen as if she is worthy of being selected. She gains pathos when she explains how she felt when her own son went to war “I was the mom of a young soldier being sent overseas to defend our country” In this quote pathos appears especially because she uses the word young solider. No one wants young people to die because they have their whole life ahead of them. For a mother one of the hardest things is to let her children leave the nest. With that one sentence she manage to reach out to the young and the mothers because they can relate to the situation. She levels with the reader and makes a relation with them by gaining their trust and empathy. Sarah also makes a statement about supporting the soldiers no matter what,...

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