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Why The Willow Weeps Essay

873 words - 4 pages

Nickolas Pitts 
Mrs. Mullett 
American Lit. 
26 September 2016 
Why The Willow Weeps

The Wind chilled my bones, the ache all-consuming my physical sense, not just the creaking of bone but the bitter sting and burn of frost -bitten fingers and nose. The world was but a blur of whirling winds and thick snow plummeting from the sky like soot and disturbed by the assaulting air to my nearly frozen, teary, eyes. The whistling and howl of the wind all I could hear, drowning out very my breathe, my steps, my each heart beat and thought swept away by the banshee shriek of winters rage. Still I waged my war on this remote hell, determination burning in my very core, the furnace which kept my ...view middle of the document...

I knew I should be afraid. The tell-tale slightest warmth of frost-bite grew inward like an invading mold, as my struggles through the sludge began to slow even further, increasingly feeble as I forced myself onward. Something caught my foot, but with no way to look I disentangled myself and marched on, through the finally shallower snow, speeding up as some of my hindrance fell away. Not for very long. Rudely, with a hoarse yell my throat thought incapable, the earth lurched upward to meet me, a forbidding blackness consuming my vision with a thud. Feeling my chest and arms bruising from impact, I struggled to sit up, well and truly exhausted, head wavering on its journey to tip back and view my fate. A square of whiteness face me as the outside world raged on. I was in a tomb. With at least the knowledge that I had arrived at my destination, however abruptly, I felt some life returning to me. I had an appointment to keep. I dared to waste precious breath and warm gained from my impromptu shelter from the gale to hum, the rich sound reawakening my heart and invigorating the soul as I found foot holds in the earth surrounding me. Step by arduous step I made my way skyward, fingers screaming at their latest torture, my entire frame trembling with effort as I eventually slammed my elbow on the snow covered plain outside, hauling my torso onto the lip, desperately scrabbling for purchase on the icy, unyielding...

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