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Why The Us Should Stay In Iraq

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Why the U.S. Should Stay in Iraq
There is no doubt that the war in Iraq has been a very controversial topic and much has been debated on the subject. Many people believe we went into Iraq based on bad intelligence and have no right to be there. Regardless of your position the decision was made a long time ago and now the question remains should we stay or should we go. I believe we must stay in Iraq for a number of reasons. Of course there are some very pointed reasons on why we should not stay but overall in the long run it will be more beneficial to the U.S. and the rest of the world if we maintain a presence in Iraq and the Middle East.
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Another problem in Iraq right now is the governments inability to provide security to it’s own citizens. As noted by many of the top U.S. commanders there is a strategy now and it has been working but the insistence by the politicians to pull out is undermining everything that military is trying to accomplish in Iraq. “Coalition forces thus must have enough time to develop the local relationships and intelligence needed to counter changing insurgent tactics” (Swabb, 2007). In the past it was believed that violence would decrease as the U.S. started to pull out the troops but unfortunately for the Iraqi people that has proved to be terribly wrong. The Iraqis are not yet able to provide security even in secure areas of Baghdad without coalition forces there to help. This has been evident in the past few months with the vehicle IED’s that have taken out the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in August and the Ministry of Justice just last month on October 25. “Apparently, most Iraqis care more about security then they do about the presence of US forces” (Swabb, 2007). It is no coincidence that these acts of violence have only sprung up since the June 30 pull out of all US forces from the major cities including Baghdad. “As an Iraqi, I say without hesitation: the American forces should stay here, and further reinforcements should be sent if the situation requires them” (Fadhil, 2007).
So what is the most likely situation should we completely withdraw troops from Iraq? Most likely there will be an increase in violence as a struggle for control over the country will ensue. And of course you can be sure that other countries such as Iran, Syria and Saudi Arabia would try to get into the mix for control over the wealth and natural resources located here in Iraq. This can only mean one thing and that is a civil war in Iraq. The government can’t even keep the people safe from insurgents right now much less if there were a full pullout from coalition forces and no one here to help in case the situation quickly deteriorated. “The cost of liberating Europe in the last century was enormous in blood and treasure. In fact, it took half a century of American military presence thereafter to protect those nations from subsequent threats” (Fadhil, 2007). Indeed it did take many American lives and time to help secure Europe and the same consideration should be given to the Middle East. This is a war we can win but...

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