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Why The Iraq War Is Lie?

1823 words - 8 pages

Topic: Why the Iraq war is lie.

Purpose: To persuade the class why the Iraq war is a lie.

Thesis: Many people around the world know the war in Iraq should have never happened, but few even know the truth behind the war.

Organizational Pattern: Chronological: The CIA training Al Qaeda in the cold war and the training the Taliban. Betrayal of the CIA to Al Qaeda and Taliban. The CIA putting Saddam in power back in the late 1980’s, the CIA meets with Saddams second hand man in Jordan. The war begins, Saddams second hand man orders his military not to fight back. A soldier in the army finds second hand man and realizes the truth about the war. CIA orders the death of all Saddams ...view middle of the document...

II. Body

A. Here is a picture of CIA and Al Qaeda fighting side by side against the Russians in the cold war.

1. When the Russians invaded Afghanistan the CIA were fearful of the rest of the Middle East falling to the Russians.

2. Charlie Wilson a U.S. senator from Texas convinced the CIA to help the Afghans with training Al Qaeda and the Taliban.

3. The CIA gave Al Qaeda about 300 Million dollars to fight the Russians, trained them how to carry out terrorists attacks, use bombs and other tactics they are using on us this very day. Not only that but most of the Al Qaeda were given free college in the U.S. some even went to Harvard for their studies.

4. Once defeating the Russians, Al Qaeda asked for what was promised to them, which was money for schools hospitals roads and etc.

5. The CIA said no, Al Qaeda promised it would never let the U.S. live in peace.

6. Charlie Wilson pleaded with the CIA to help them out and keep their deal or else “Our children will be sent to their deaths for this mistake”

Transition Years later there was an attack on the towers, soon after we go war with Iraq. Bush says Iraq is making WMDS and Saddam has Al Qaeda in the country.

B. Second Main Point

1. Many people don’t know that Saddam did not like Al Qaeda, which he would torture and kill any suspected members, he did not allow any of that in his nation, as like other Middle Eastern nations today.

2. There was a secret meeting before the war started, CIA meet with Saddam second hand man, and told him that they will remove Saddam and put him in power. They told him to tell the rest of the military not to fight back; it will be a quick war.

3. Saddam second hand man orders his military not to fight back and let the U.S. win, but if the U.S. does not keep its word we will start a war called insurgency “we will have blood flow though the streets of Americans”.

4. The war starts many of the Iraq listen to what the general had to say and don’t fight. That’s the reason it was so easy to win the invasion in the first couple of weeks.

5. Not too long after that bush said “The war has been won” CIA and the pentagon ordered all the Saddam military to be disbanded and will no longer have the country. They are now fugitives; the high ranking people in the Iraqi army ordered the insurgency war, “ The U.S. thinks this is a war they have no idea what is in store for them”

6. The generals and the rest go into hiding, protected by body guards and anyone else willing to die and fight for their country Iraq.

7. Soon afterwards Al Qaeda enters the war to fight for their brothers and seek revenge on the U.S. Many others come as well Jihad fighters, mujahidin and...

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