Why Should Marijuana Be Legalized? Essay

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ersuaMarcia Gonzalez
Nov, 21, 2011
Speech 100 - Section 518
Speech Outline
Tittle: Why should marijuana be legalized?
Specific purpose: To persuade
General purpose: To persuade my audience into believing that Marijuana should be legalized
Introduction: Have you ever been fed up or worried and felt like putting your cares aside for a while? Or maybe you and your friends noticed something funny together and shared a moment of laughter. Marijuana is a drug that seems to give people these relaxed and happy times. It certainly changes the way people see and feel things.
In recent years, the hemp plant has been proven to be anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and ...view middle of the document...

If you’re high on marijuana, you are more likely to make mistakes that could embarrass or even hurt you. If you use marijuana, you could start to lose interest in how you look and how you’re getting along at school or work” the information on this website can be misleading, and doesn’t even provide any scientific evidence
B: .Marijuana does cause short term memory though but does not kill brain cells. Marijuana damaging brain cells, causing memory loss, and learning difficulties is a myth. The report is on 2 monkeys in 1992, by 2 scientists Morgan and Zimmer. The monkeys had to smoke 4-5 “joints” a day, through a face mask, for a year. Seven months later there was no change in the hippocampal structure, cell size, number of cells. Morgan and Zimmer concluded that the claim that marijuana causes psychological damage to brain cells is incorrect.
C: Marijuana smokers have a lower risk of head and neck cancers than people who don’t smoke marijuana / Studies have been proven that if you smoke cigarettes and smoke marijuana your chances of getting lung cancer are cut in half, somehow the marijuana protects you
Body 2: Legalize:
A: Marijuana is the most common and frequently used illegal drug in the...

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