Why Shoes Are The Most Important Thing (To Me)

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If you were to ask me what’s the first thing I notice about a person, it wouldn’t be their eyes. It wouldn’t be their hair. It wouldn’t even be their face. Nor would it be their personality. It would be their shoes. It’s not because I’m looking down a lot. Or maybe it is. I do look down a lot. I get shy. But I’ve always been a firm believer in that shoes are the pathway to the soul. Hold your laughter. Shoes tell me a lot about a person. And no, they don’t just tell me the superficial things. Yes, if the shoes are trendy, you’re probably a trendy person. But maybe they’re a bit beat up. No, it doesn’t mean you’re beat up. Maybe you just like adventure more than fashion. Maybe you wear flip ...view middle of the document...

They were most likely normal. But, if there was a pair of flip flops at the door, and not just any pair of flip flops. but those $2 rubber ones from Old Navy, I would cringe. And it’s not because $2 rubber flip flops from Old Navy should be reserved for the beach and the beach only. I don’t try to impose my style on everyone, they can wear what they want. But, those $2 flip flops usually symbolized a very specific type of girl. I won’t get into detail for risk of mistakingly offending some of my lovely readers. All I’m trying to say is that I’ve been noticing a trend. Then again, causation does not equal correlation. The last genre of shoe that I have witnessed silently plotting their revenge at my door step is my least favourite of the three because it usually belongs to my least favourite people. They are the broken-in flats that are way beyond repair. The sole is shadowed from summers of dirt and sweat. The horrible neon color of the {fake} leather is faded and peeling. You can just imagine the smell that would radiate off of them if you were to hold them up to your nose, not that you would dare. These girls would be the worst girls that have entered my house. They would be the one who wear fake eyelashes every day. The ones who tease their hair to heaven and above. The ones who wear leggings as pants and...

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