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Why Science Students Should Declare Their Program?

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Why science students should declare their program

Benefits of declaring a major:
While many have an idea of what curriculum they want to study when they show up at school, many do not. A case can be made, to a degree, for remaining undeclared for a little while to decide what it is you want to study, but an even better one can be made for having your degree path chosen early in your college career.
1) You’re going to have to pick sooner or later anyway.
Most universities require that by the end of your sophomore year, you have a major. A little indecisiveness early on could put a lot of pressure on you to have to make the decision late. Too much indecisiveness throughout your first ...view middle of the document...

If you haven’t declared a major, this isn’t available to you.

4) Direction and career goals. 
It’s far better to know what you want to do when you leave college than not. As such, it’s better to spend three or four years in school working towards it with all of the said benefits of being attached to a department than spending just one or two and having to play catch-up as an upperclassman.

Support from the faculty and advisors:
Academic advice is available at the Advising Centre, Room A203, University Centre. Students seeking information or advice regarding programs, courses or university and faculty regulations should consult the Academic Advising Centre  250-721-7567 or
It is recommended that all students discuss their proposed programs with an academic adviser and/or with departmental advisers well in advance of registration. Students who may wish to transfer to another university to complete their degree are advised also to consult the university of their choice regarding required courses and transfer...

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