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Why Science Should Be Part Of Schools

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New technology is turning up everywhere and if we fall behind in this category then I feel like we will be falling behind globally. Do start we should be using more technology in our schools. Have a one to one computer to student ratio. Things are now done online and via the web. We need to start teaching our students how to use the web as a tool for learning. There is some much information on the web that ...view middle of the document...

Students learn in different ways. I know the best way I learn is if I actually do the work hands on.
I feel it is important that students understand what is happening today and what could happen if nothing is done about it. Right now global warming is happening. Ice is melting which is raising the seas level. Also sense the ice is melt we are becoming a darkening plant. This meaning that because we are darker we don’t reflect as much sunlight and the average temps are going up. Lastly there are some many people in the world that all the CO2 is going into the oceans. Causing an overwhelming amount of salt in our oceans. We need to slow down or figure out a way to stop global warming with science.
Please Mr. President coming from Columba and Harvard I know you will understand what I am trying to do here. All I want is a better life for America and that starts with the youth. To do so we need to keep advancing in our technology and found out a way to stop global warming to insure a long and successful life for Americans.

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