Why Price Fixing Should Remain Unlawful

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In today’s economy it is generally said that supply and demand determine prices on goods and services. In order for this to be true the free market cannot be interfered with. The New York Times article, “Taiwan Company Fined $500 Million for Price-Fixing,” highlights some of the issues that can arise when it comes to price fixing. In this essay I will explain what the antitrust law says regarding price-fixing agreements, and what impact these regulations have on businesses. I will give my opinion on the law, discuss the arguments for and against it, and explain why I believe unlawful price fixing has to remain illegal. I argue that without a law against price fixing the free market will not ...view middle of the document...

The United States antitrust law promotes and maintains market competition by regulating anti-competitive behavior such as price fixing. Price fixing is an agreement among competitors to charge a specified price for a particular goods or service. It also encompasses any agreement that prevents a seller from independently setting a price or establishing the quantity to be produced. Price fixing can be vertical or horizontal. Vertical price fixing pertains to agreements between a manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer. Horizontal price fixing is a much more serious violation and involves agreements between competitors, such as two manufacturers, or two retailers.
There are many reasons why price fixing should be unlawful. Without price-fixing laws there will be less protection of the free market. In a capitalist society such as the United States, competition between companies is supposed to drive down prices of goods and services benefitting the consumers. The free market can be interfered with if companies enter into a price-fixing agreement. The involved companies can decide to reduce their output and raise their prices. In such a case, where the parties hold a majority of the market share, the consumers will not be able to obtain the same price as they would in a free market. This is exactly what AU Optronics and its competitors took advantage of. Together, holding almost 100% of the market share, they were able to inflate the prices of their LCD screens pushing a higher price on the consumers. This is especially harmful when there are no substitutes for the regarded product or service.
Another factor that supports a law against price fixing has to do with product differentiation. AU Optronic’s price-fixing agreements with its competitors made it almost impossible for newcomers to enter the market. Cases like this have a significant impact on the number of competitive products, which will be heavily reduced or even eliminated. There will be less differentiation in the product market leading to fewer options for the consumers. On the contrary, without unlawful price fixing there is more room for innovation and companies will have more incentive to diversify their product lines.
While I strongly support laws against price fixing there are several factors to consider from the opposing side. A major argument that price fixing should not be unlawful addresses the consumers’ right to make their own decisions. No company is forcing consumers to buy its products or services. Consumers have...

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