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Why Pets Essay

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Reasons why People Keep Pets

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Different people keep pets for different reasons. Some people will keep pets for companionship, others for their playfulness while others for their unique characteristics and personalities. Many like pets because of the fun that they bring to their lives, though not so many people have focused on other benefits that pets may come along with (Barnes, 2007). Most people who keep pets have come out and said that the pets help them relieve ...view middle of the document...

Again, it is in such a walk that the keeper of the pet will get the opportunity to meet other dog owners in the field, making the friendship circle bigger and enriching the life of the owner.

Some people on the other hand prefer keeping fish as their pets. Such an activity calls for extra time and commitment from the owner. Keeping fish as pets introduces additional activities that the owner must attend to on a daily basis and hence the owner commits his time and effort to doing what he/she likes best. Some individuals prefer keeping birds as their pets. This type of pet keeping is rampant in China where a retired old folk will form the habit of taking their bird cage for a walk in the forest or park (Harper, 1995). While the birds interact with each other, their owners are also busy discussing matters of great importance. The whole process ends up becoming helpful not only to the birds, but to the owners as well. Pet keeping is also known to raise the owner’s level of social responsibility. Pets will most certainly depend on their owners for shelter, food and security (Harper, 1995). Parents/owners may use the same concept to teach social responsibility to their children.


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