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Why People Bahve The Way They Do

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Evaluate Yourself and Be a Better Leader
Why do people behave the way they do? I have asked myself this question over and over in the past without coming up with a definite answer, until I read this powerful article, “Why People Behave the Way they Do” by James G. Clawson. The article builds a set of relationships among perceptions, beliefs, conclusions, defense mechanisms, and behavior.
Based on James Clawson’s concept of “three level leadership” the leader must first understand their own behavior and the underlying reason for it in order to maximize their leadership potential. The next step for me is to proceed with self-evaluation which is defined as the process by which the ...view middle of the document...

They are used in the Rational‐Emotive‐Behavior Model (REB) to describe human behavior. In case of a potential gap, conclusions and emotions will be induced, resulting in the consequent behavior. Reading this article has made me be more aware of my VABEs and helped me understand my behavior and more importantly how resulting conclusions and emotions are related to one another. Awareness of the “self-concept” is the basis for improvement of one self’s leadership capabilities. Aside from careers, this article has made me take a second look at the person I am in this world; especially as a mom and a wife, to be a role model I have to evaluate myself in order to find any flaws and fix them as they can affect my family, kids and their future. By being aware of my own VABEs, core values, moral and ethics and a continuous review of actions and key-decisions will lead to more integrity and trust from my family when my behavioral patterns are aligned with moral beliefs. I believe with these changes in me and educating my husband on these steps it will help him understand to do the same for himself and therefore improve our lives together. Self-evaluation helps improving authentic leadership capabilities by acting in alliance with the “true-self”. Therefore continuous self-assessments will help me to improve self-awareness as well as self-regulation. According to the article this will lead to higher Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and higher Social Intelligence (SQ). By gaining the ability to detect and to rate potential gaps between my own behavior and VABEs will lead to adaptations...

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