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Why People Are Moving Away From The North (Mezzogiourno)

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Why people are moving away from the north (Mezzogiourno)
In the southern part of Italy out migration is common, this is due to push factors. A push factor is a reason for a individual or a collective to leave an area.
One of these ‘push factors’ is climate. In the south of Italy the climate is not and dry, drought is common. The average temperature in summer is 28c+. The hot and dry weather is partly caused by the sirocco wind from the Sahara, it brings with it hotter weather and sand storms as well as extremely dry weather. In winter the climate is completely different, with and average temp of 0c – 4c cold, windy, rainy, snow and sometimes even sleet. Winter brings the mistral wind witch ...view middle of the document...

Another reason for this is the amount of natural hazards. One example of all of the above is Aliano ( meaning hill top village) It has all these problems, isolation ect. Aliano has many natural hazards such as land slides, floods, soil erosion and drought. Aliano is a hill top village and is crumbling away, every so often a house will fall of the cliff. Another natural hazard is volcanoes, Etna and Vesuvius
Another Push factor is the higher birth rate in comparison tot the low death rate. This shows that people are born in Aliano and then move and die somewhere else, causing the birth rate to be higher then the death rate. Less people chouse to die in Aliano. One example of this a Gigi palianico who moved from Bari, he moved to find work and a better education.
Each year many people move to the north of Italy. Some of the more economically active people move for jobs and social lives (the 18’s to 40’s), others move for family and better accommodation. These people move for a variety of reasons these reasons are called pull factors.
One of these pull factors are the main cites of Vennis and Milano. Both of these cites are in the region of lombaria. Near the city of milano is the smaller town of trevilio, where the firm of bianche bikes. Near Vennis is the small town of treviso, this is the home of Benetton ( clothing company) and Roche’s ( sports equipment company ). These are pull factors because these company's are large and employ many people, and there for offer many job opportunities. Another reason for the cites being pull factors is that cites have many resources as well as good communication ( telephone lines, airports, train stations and coaches ), these are all part of infrastructure which includes roads and communication, services and population. In the south the infrastructure is good, as apposed to the north where the infrastructure is poor.
A pull factor to the south is tourism, this includes sits seeing in the cities. These sites include the leaning tower of paisa ,the churches museums and chapels in Florence and the vennis canals. Another major tourist attraction is the winter sports. In the south of Italy there are many mountains such as the alps. People travel from all over the world to ski and snowboard there, all these people bring more money and trade to this area.
Another pull factor is climate. The climate in the south is much more temperate and is more agreeable. The temperature ranges from 24c – 8c. Because of the temperate climate farming and agriculture is a...

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