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Why One Should Avoid Cosmetic Surgery?

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Why one should avoid Cosmetic Surgery?
There is always a high standard of beauty in our societies. As the development of beauty pageants and beauty industry show, women are eager to change their appearance in different ways such as make-up or dieting. However, beauty that comes from all of these methods can never last long due to the effect of aging. Women are then trying to look for ways that keep beauty permanent. Cosmetic surgery is a type of surgery that can reshape or enhance a body part in order to improve outward appearance. There are many kinds of cosmetic surgery these days, such as breast enlargement and nose reshaping. All of these surgeries claim to be the best way for permanent ...view middle of the document...

This Society has compiled the statistics on different cosmetic surgery procedures from 1997. They have come up with a conclusion that there is an increase of 162 percent of the total amount of people who have undergone any cosmetic procedure since 1997(“Statistics”). This statistics strongly shows that some people are nowadays in favor to cosmetic surgery.
Since people believe that cosmetic surgery can help improve their appearance as well as self-confidence, cosmetic surgeries are then gaining popular. Moreover, due to the effect of TV shows, the society nowadays mainly focuses on physical appearance rather than anything else. According to Common Sense Media, American girls as young as 6 years old have been on a diet as 27 percent of them feel that the media pressures them to maintain a perfect body. The Media nowadays are giving too much information about how good looking are beneficial to people (Friedman 324). This phenomenon contributes much to the rise in popularity of cosmetic surgery.
As the growth in development of cosmetic surgery rise, more people in United States are then in favor of cosmetic surgery because of its popularity. According to Elizabeth Haiken in her book Venus Envy, a study conducted by the American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons, Inc. says that there is an increase in 50 percent of Americans who approve of cosmetic surgery and a decrease in 66 percent of people who disapprove in 1982-1992. When it came to 20th century, cosmetic surgery was already believed to be “the fastest lane on the highway to self-improvement” (Haiken 4-5).
It may be true that cosmetic surgery can help to improve physical appearance, but it can never serve as a way to improves self-confidence. Dr. McGrath, professor of the surgery division in University of California, San Francisco says that people usually think that cosmetic surgery acts as chance for them to change as well as improve, but it is not true that cosmetic surgery can fulfill that as it is only their own expectation (Hilton 29). It seems that cosmetic surgery cannot really help people improve their self image, but serve as an excuse for people to try to search back their self-confidence as well as their own personal images.
Despite the advantages that people think cosmetic surgery has, the various procedures of cosmetic surgery might create medical problems. Like any other kind of surgery, having cosmetic surgery cannot be hundred percent risks free. Patients may have physical problems as well as mental problems. According to Cosmetic Surgery Times, research shows that 27% of patients report a life change after surgery, including divorce. Also, 20 percent patients report increasing anxiety and depression while 10 percent report having to seek help from mental health professionals (Hilton 29).
In addition to the mental problem, there is evidence of a relationship between cosmetic surgery and attempted suicide. According to a mortality study conducted in Canada...

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