Why Marijuana Should Remain Illegal Essay

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Why Marijuana Should Remain Illegal

People can debate over this issue for minutes, hours, even days, but they never get anywhere with sway the government to change the laws on marijuana. This had been an issue amongst the nation for decades. Many believe that it should be legalized again, like it was back in the old days, but with government regulations. While others believe it is just immoral and should be illegal and violators should be prosecuted to the full extent. Still there are other who are either unaware of the situation or just do not care about it. I will be showing you why marijuana should remain illegal.
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It is not proven that marijuana alone causes cancer, because individuals that use marijuana may smoke cigarettes and other drugs. Studies have shown that five joints per week may be taking in as many cancer causing chemicals as someone who smokes a full pack of cigarettes a day. Tobacco and marijuana smoke may work together to diminish the tissue of the reparatory system. This would result in the formation of cancer in the lungs.
Although marijuana has all these negative effects on us, it also has many useful medicinal uses. Marijuana has actually been used for medical purposes for over 12,000 years; ancient pharmacists had a wide variety of uses for this plant that grew all over the country at that time. These medical uses are just starting to be rediscovered, after 80 years of prohibition in the United States. In Western Europe and Canada, they have quickly advanced their laws to allow cannabis, marijuana, to be used for medical purposes. It is not a ‘miracle’ drug or cure; it just helps with a wide variety of illnesses. Although research continues to be done, it is known that marijuana helps people deal with chronic pain, arthritis, bi-polar disease, and is used to increase appetite. Cannabis is not meant to replace medical treatments, but to compliment them. Cannabis may not be ideal for everybody; individuals react to cannabis different, depending on age, illness, and many other factors. Though majority of people find relief from muscle spasms and migraines from use of marijuana, while others experience horrible anxiety and paranoia from its usage.
All drugs have ‘safety profiles’ which need to be reviewed with extra care before starting the usage of a new drug. Cannabis’s profile is extraordinary profile, with no overdoses, deaths, and few adverse reactions. Only bad side effects are the possibility of irritation of the throat...

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