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Why Leader Can.T Lead: The Unconscious Conspiracy Contiuea

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“Public education is a public good. Public education should never be undermined by private control, deregulation and profiteering” (Education Opportunity network, 2013, p. 1). This statement is one of the seven principles adopted by a group of educators and politicians from various states as their ‘New Education Declaration” (p.1). These leaders were in attendance at a recent conference to addresses failing schools in the 21st century. Another principle they adapted indirectly speaks to the validly of school boards, “national responsibility should complement local control Education is largely the domain of states and school districts” (p. 2.) One of these group main concerns in addressing ...view middle of the document...

230). School board just like any other evolving institution has some turbulent moments in the past. Nonetheless, school boards serve a vital purpose in America educational system they are another avenue for the public to voice concerns to larger governments.
Local school boards have several roles to fulfill in serving the community. School boards are legal agencies of the state therefore can enact regulations, rules and policies for schools within their jurisdiction (Beckham, J. and Klaymier, W., 2012 p. 1). This power gives this corporate body authority ranging from finances and purchases to overall and daily operation of a school. Beckham, J. & Klaymier, W. (2012) suggest “School boards are corporate bodies created for the purpose of implanting state legislative policy concerning public schools and locally administering the state’s system of public education” (p. 2). Consequently, the most important duty of the school board is according to Beckham & Klaymier (2012) is school boards “are a key mechanism between education and democracy” (p. 3). They interact with parents and others in the community to give them a chance to participate in America democratic process. Conversely, board members advocate for the community; listening to individual voices, but governing schools by one collective voice.
Board members can be elected or appointed depending on the state and some states have both elected and appointed (Beckham, J. and Klaymier, W., 2012, p. 8). In most states board members are elected because this require the individual running to appeal to the constituents he or she will represent (Educational Writer Association...

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