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Why Join Westminster College Essay

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Westminster College
Office of Admissions
1840 South 1300 East
Salt Lake City, Utah 84105

Personal Statement/Essay Questions by program
Question 1: Why are you pursuing a graduate degree at this time in your life? Why is Westminster College’s Gore School of Business graduate program your preferred program?

There are three main reasons why I am pursuing a Masters in Business Administration Graduate Degree at this time in my life. First, I have quickly climbed the ladder in my current employment field that I am working in with Facilities Management. With just 6 and half years of post Graduate experience, I was chosen among 200 individuals that applied for the Director of ...view middle of the document...

It is very convenient to attend Westminster College because it is so close to my work at St. Mark’s Hospital (it is less than 3 miles away), making it convenient when I may have classes after work or need to drop by on the weekend. My wife attended Westminster College from 1996 to 1999 and worked on her Bachelor’s Degree and she enjoyed the experience, and still talks fondly about her experience. She still knows a few of the faculty that work in the Business School as she worked part time in the department. Westminster College is also ranked #22 in the West in the U.S. News rankings, making it a great college to get an education at.

2. How will your professional experience contribute to the classroom environment?

My professional experience will contribute to the classroom environment, because as a General Manager and a Director for Environmental Services, I have helped to motivate other employees to meet their goals. Also, in my current role as a Director at St. Mark’s Hospital, I can further help with the classroom experience in that I have taken on several side projects. I have most recently fully implemented the R.C.R.A. Pharmaceutical initiative with directing the Hospital on how to separate, store, transport, and dispose of hazardous Pharmaceutical drugs throughout the Hospital. The other project I have worked on is coordinating with the floor Directors by fully implementing a floor care team in making sure the Patient room floors and hallways always look clean and orderly. This has also recently helped to increase the Hospitals H.C.A.H.P.S. cleanliness scores. I have also served in teams on the Infection Control, Environment of Care, Linen safety, and Safety Committees here at St. Mark’s Hospital. In 2005, as the General Manager of the Environmental Services department at San Juan Regional Medical Center, my department was nominated as the Department of the year out of 45 departments. I believe we received this award mainly due for our improved ability to work with other departments.

What personal characteristics make...

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