Why It Is Important To Ensure Children And Young People Are Procteted From Harm In The Work Setting

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There are many different types of bulling, these consist of the following…

.Verbal – Someone being called name and or threatened
.Physical – Being pushed, hit, aggressive contact
.Social – Left out of games, ignored, talked about, made to feel an outsider

Children tend to feel anxious and worried when bullied, the victim will feel intimidated and nerves, this can affect reduced learning when in school or nursery. If a young person does not feel safe they will find it difficult to focus on school work and even normal home life will find will be effected, there behavior can change, they can become very withdrawn in to them self’s or even show angry towards those close to ...view middle of the document...

These policies and procedures are implemented in this way….
.We show the children who have been bullied that we are able to listen to there comments and act upon them.
. We intervene to stop the child who is bullying from harming the other child or children.
.We explain to the child doing the bullying why her/his behavior is not accepted.
.We give reassurance to the victim.
.We will help the child who has done the bullying to recognise the impact of there actions.
.We recognize that children who bully may be experiencing bullying them self’s or be subject to abuse which may be causing them to express their anger in a negative way towards others.

Section 3

A good example of a child being bullied was one child who had been given glasses to wear from then on in the summer holidays.
This child was already worrying about returning to school looking different, and was very self conscious of the way he now looked. On his return to school he was quiet and withdrawn as he was worrying what his friends may say, but he was greeted in the play ground by his old friends who hardly noticest and those that did only had nice things to say and some even asked to try his new glasses on them self’s.
As it was the start of a new term there was a new child who joined his class, he was new to the school...

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