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Why Is It Important To Establish And Agree Respective Roles And Responsibilities With Other Professionals

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K4M757 Why is it important to establish and agree respective roles and responsibilities with other professionals
At the first meeting with other professionals everyone including myself will introduce themselves telling everyone where they are from and their job roles and responsibilities. If my roles and responsibilities aren’t defined when working with other professionals a lack of understanding about what is expected of me and problems may arise. It is extremely important to know where your roles lie with external professionals in order to be able to access any help and advice I may need to enable everyone to be working towards a common objective. Everyone wants the best outcome for the ...view middle of the document...

K4M759 What is the importance of respecting professional boundaries
Appreciating that there are boundaries in any organisation is a whole way towards respecting them & working together efficiently.
The importance of respecting boundaries in essence proves you appreciate that there may be set procedures in place that will govern and guide any eventualities that effectively opens the doorway to a working relationship ideal for solving issues and finding solutions.

What is the importance of effective communication with other professionals? How do you communicate with other professionals in a way that meets their expectations?
Importance of communicating effectively' is vital to the positive outcome of the situation.
Communicating with anyone be it a professional body, person or colleague the approach should always be one of politeness, courtesy and respect. Speaking with confidence and demonstrating your knowledge of the situation whilst maintain an air of flexibility will give everyone the comfort to feel they can be open & honest about the subject in hand.

Being able to admit failing in systems as well as in yourself with others is a very important part of effective communication.
Managing to speak to the correct person from the onset is always a plus, but finding those with the authority to make actionable decisions will be a case of departmental procedure and patience in allowing that to occur is another aspect of effective communication.

Once a relationship has been built personal preferences on methods of communication can aid effectiveness phone, email or face to face these preferences will probably be offered quite naturally as everyone knows how they prefer to work and whenever necessary arrangements for alternative communication can be made when the job requires it !

K4M761 Why is it important to be aware of the limitations of your own expertise and responsibilities and respect the expertise and responsibilities of other professionals?
As an individual you won't or don't know everything about a child - perhaps you would speak to a parent who would know their child better, a key worker of that child or even the Senco in your setting or share information with a professional outside the setting.

Other professionals will have different information but also useful information. We have inter-agency meetings with other professionals - Area Senco, Occupational therapist etc.

It is important not to 'knock' their ideas, but respect their input as you are all working and aiming for the same outcome for a child and to give then the best...

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