Why I Would Be A Teacher

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Why Would I Be A Teacher
Licia Wheeler
Grand Canyon University: EDU 130 Exploring Education as a Profession
September 11, 2012

Teachers have a noble and rewarding profession. It allows them to change lives of eager children. Becoming a teacher provides opportunity to spend time with young children and watch their minds blossom into great minds. Teachers give students the tools of basic learning skills. They are the most important key in children lives.
Extrinsic and Intrinsic Rewards
As a teacher you get a financial security with a good benefit package, pension plan, vacations, ...view middle of the document...

Calling or Vocation
I see teaching as more than just a job. Teaching is a gift that you are blessed with. I realize I wanted to be a teacher when I was in high school. I had a consular that inspired me to want to be a teacher. Because of how understanding and caring she was towards me when I needed help in school. After high school I took a job at a kids clothing store in the mall because I just wanted a job where I would be able to work with kids. Then I applied for a job with the school district in 1993 and got the job to be a teacher’s assistant. My first few weeks of working with the young children I then knew that this is my calling. Being able to work with kids and teach them and watch them grow. My best part of teaching is the look on the children face when they learn something for the first time.
Commitment to Students
There is a code of ethics teachers have to abide by. It is to up hold professionalism as a teacher. They must commit themselves to giving student a quality education. Teachers must help students to achieve their maximum goal. Teacher’s commitment is to commit to students learning, work hard, be one with the students, and making a connection with students, and get to know there background. When I become a teacher I will stay strong and committed to my teaching and students. I want them to leave my classroom positive and excited to move forward to the chapter in their education. I will be farm and strong with my students so they will know I am committed to give them the best education possible.
Impact on Family
Teacher has a big impact on family with the students and parents. Teacher’s communication with the parents of the students they teach. It allows the teachers to work better with the in order for students to reach their goal. Having a good communication and positive relationship with parent- teacher builds a strong relationship. It can be difficult for parents and teacher to a solid communication relationship. That would be a goal is to build a good communication skill with parents...

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