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Why I Want To Become A Mba Student

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Why I am a great Master’s degree candidate and my plans for my degree
I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and joined Paulo Products after a brief stint in the field of metallurgy. I want to arm myself with a Master’s degree in Business Administration from American University and use it to focus on my career by adding a financial and marketing perspective to my engineering background.

I see myself teaming up with different professionals to collaborate and guide each other by utilizing our prior work and educational experiences. I also envision absorbing knowledge from the class room, faculty, fellow participants, and the various industry linkages to make diverse study groups successful team ventures. Given my background, I tend to lean towards the manufacturing ...view middle of the document...

As an employee of Paulo Products Corporation, my career path is unlimited and controlled by me; my short-term goal is to become a Regional Sales Manager. My day-to-day training and work experiences have provided a foundation to become an accomplished Regional Sales Manager, but I still believe I am not a complete employee. After looking through American University’s class offerings, I strongly feel that your five core requirements in this program will complement my prior work experience and help me achieve my short-term goal of becoming a Regional Sales Manager.

From a long-term perspective, my aspiration is to become a Segment Marketing Manager. My current role as an Account Manager is very technical and leaves me with limited exposure to the business aspect of my industry. To procure and be successful in the Segment Marketing Manager position, it is necessary to have a Master’s degree in Business Administration. An MBA from American University would help bolster my business acumen and make me a more well-rounded employee.

I believe your program would not only be positive for my career, but also for my family, and my employer. Being an Account Manager for Paulo requires extensive travel which often limits my time at home. The MBA program at American allows me to complete my work for my company and spend quality time with my family while gaining the classroom knowledge needed to further advance my career. It seems it will allow me to enjoy all facets of my life. I look forward to the steep yet rewarding challenges that American University will bring me as I pursue my MBA. Thank you for taking the time to consider me as a candidate.

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