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Why I Want To Be A Teacher

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​What do Police, Firefighters, Nurses, and Professional football players all have in common? They are all dream careers commonly listed by elementary school students. When I was in fifth grade I remember coming home and informing my grandmother that when I grew up I was going to be a teacher. As many parents do she responded by asking me why, I enthusiastically responded “I want to be just like Mrs. Higginbotham and teach people words like nincompoop!”
​To this day I have not changed my mind. My reasons have matured from being astonished by vocabulary but my goal hasn’t. In hindsight I always liked to teach. I was the oldest sibling and turned our hallway into a classroom. When I was older I loved tutoring ...view middle of the document...

As I grew I had other significant teachers who helped me cement the idea that I wanted to be an elementary school teacher.
​In high school I realized that all the teacher I considered truly good teachers had all the skills I wanted to learn. I wanted to be able to inspire students and work with them like many of my own educators had with me. The best teachers were good at explaining content, patient yet firm, fair, and set high expectations for all students. They were not unreasonable with expectations but they wanted to push their students to their full capability. Each teacher had a subject that they were most passionate about but they knew all the content areas well. These teachers are what I model the type of teacher I would like to be after. My teaching style won’t be exactly like any one of theirs but it will evolve on its own from my strengths, knowledge, skills, and values.
​All of these things have led me to where I am today; working on a bachelor’s degree in elementary education. I want to be a teacher for numerous reasons. It isn’t because of the salary or to get weekends and holidays off; it is because I have a desire and passion to work with children and shape their lives. I want children to know they can accomplish any goal they set for themselves.
​I am an optimist and an idealist. I want the best for everyone. I plan on setting high goals for all my students and showing them that all of these goals are within their reach. I want to make students wonder and enjoy learning.

As a teacher I will help shape future parents, professionals, and productive members of society. To me there is no better job. I am excited about the opportunity to help shape future generations.

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