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Why I Love It Essay

528 words - 3 pages

be /bi/ 
become /byKam/ 
begin /byGin/
break /brejk/ 
bite /bajt/
bring /bryń/ 
build /byld/ 
buy /baj/ 
catch /kecz/ 
choose /czułz/ 
come /kam/ 
cost /kost/ 
cut /kat/ 
do /du/ 
draw /dżro/ 
drink /dżrynk/ 
drive /dżrajw/ 
eat /iit/ 
fall /fol/ 
feel /fiil/ 
fight /fajt/ 
find /fajnd/ 
fly /flaj/ 
forget /forGet/ 
get /get/ 
give /gyw/ 
go /goł/ 
have /hew/ 
hear /hiir/ 
hide /hajd/ 
hit /hyt/ 
hurt /hert/ 
keep /kiip/ 
know /noł/ 
learn /lern/ 
leave /liiw/ 
let /let/ 
lose /luuz/ 
make /mejk/ 
mean /miin/ 
meet /miit/ 
put /put/ 
read /riid/ 
ride /rajd/ 
ring /ryń// 
run /ran/ 
see /sii/ 
sell /sel/ 
send /send/ 
show /szoł/ 
sing /syń/ 
sit /syt/ 
speak /spiik/ 
spend /spend/ 
stand /stend/ 
steal /stiil/ 
swim /słym/ 
take /tejk/ 
teach /tiicz/ 
tell /tel/ 
think /fynk/ 
throw /froł/ 
...view middle of the document...

urt /hert/ 
kept /kept/ 
knew /nju/ 
learnt /lernt/ 
left /left/ 
let /let/ 
lost /lost/ 
made /mejd/ 
meant /ment/ 
met /met/ 
put /put/ 
read /red/ 
rode /rołd/ 
rang /ren/ 
ran /ren/
saw /so/ 
sold /sołld/ 
sent /sent/ 
showed /szołd/ 
sang /sen/ 
sat /sat/ 
spoke /społk/ 
spent /spent/ 
stood /stud/ 
stole /stołl/ 
swam /słem/ 
took /tuk/ 
taught /tot/ 
told /tołld/ 
thought /fot/ 
threw /fru/ 
understood /anderStud/
wore /łor/ 
won /łan/ 
wrote /rołt/ 
- | been /biin/ 
become /byKam/ 
begun /byGan/ 
broken /brołken/ 
bitten /bytn/ 
brought /brot/ 
built /bylt/ 
bought /bot/ 
caught /kot/ 
chosen /czołzen/ 
come /kam/ 
cost /kost/ 
cut /kat/ 
done /dan/ 
drawn /dżron/ 
drunk /dżrank/ 
driven /dżrywn/ 
eaten /iitn/ 
fallen /folen/ 
felt /felt/ 
fought /fot/ 
found /faund/ 
flown /flołn/ 
forgotten /forGotn/ 
got /got/ 
given /gywn/ 
gone /gon/ 
had /hed/ 
heard /herd/ 
hidden /hydn/ 
hit /hyt/ 
hurt /hert/ 
kept /kept/ 
known /nołn/ 
learnt /lernt/ 
left /left/ 
let /let/ 
lost /lost/ 
made /mejd/ 
meant /ment/ 
met /met/ 
put /put/ 
read /red/ 
ridden /rydn/ 
rung /ran/ 
run /ran/ 
seen /siin/ 
sold /sołld/ 
sent /sent/ 
shown /szołn/ 
sung /san/ 
sat /sat/ 
spoken /społken/ 
spent /spent/ 
stood /stud/ 
stolen /stołlen/ 
swum /słam/ 
taken /tejken/ 
taught /tot/ 
told /tołld/ 
thought /fot/ 
thrown /frołn/ 
understood /anderStud/
worn /łorn/ 
won /łan/ 
written /rytn/ 
- | być
stać się
do góry 
uczyć się
jeździć (na rowerze)
wydawać, spędzać
uczyć kogoś
pisać |

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