Why I Hate You Essay

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 An exercise which shows how word order influences style.  Students examine 12 sentence patterns.  Then they write a paragraph describing a short, true incident—limiting themselves to one of these sentence patterns.  Next they rewrite the paragraph using at least four patterns.
1. Begin with the subject.
The sea is a whole world unto itself.
2. Begin with a prepositional phrase.
In the past, the treasures of the sea were thought to be limitless.
3. Begin with an adverb.
Slowly the sea reveals its secrets to us.
4. Begin with and adjective.
Silver clouds blocked the sun.
5. Begin with a pronoun.
They were so boisterous the security guard had to remove them from the arena.
6. Begin with a gerund.
Swimming in the Mediterranean is like bathing in a ...view middle of the document...

11. Begin with an interjection.
No, I won’t do that ever!
12. Use an appositive.
The Pacific, the largest body of water on the planet, touches the shores of six continents.
13. Ask a question.
Who wouldn’t want to sail off to a tropical island?
14. Use an exclamation.
Beware the fury of an Atlantic storm!
15. Use conversation.
The captain warned, “All those with queasy stomachs should stay be the rail.”

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Uglies – Final Project:
Perception One-Pager
Select a character from the novel. Then consider how his/her perception (perspective, view, awareness) of the world is shaped by his/her culture.
2. Begin by identifying 4-6 significant factors (people, places, things, beliefs, systems, rules/regulations, ideas) in his/her life that influences his/her perception. List them. For each influential factor, select a quote from the novel that supports the idea.
3. Look over your list and brainstorm a list of objects that could represent or symbolize those factors.
4. Select the strongest of those objects – this symbol should represent a number (or the majority) of the factors you identified.
5. Complete the one-pager – on one side of one sheet of paper organize ALL the following information:
0 List 4-6 significant factors that influence the character’s perception; attach a quote to each factor to support it.
1 A SINGLE image that symbolizes those factors (write a brief, 1-2 sentence explanation of the symbol)
2 A brief explanation that details HOW those factor influence the character’s perception in the novel and WHY that character’s perception is important to the message of the novel (the theme).
NOTE: Your one-pager should be neatly organized, have some aesthetic value (be pleasing to the eye), include color, and be thorough. Remember ALL information must be organized on ONE side of ONE sheet of paper.

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