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Why I Decided To Pursue Mba

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{text:bookmark-start} Why I Decided to Pursue MBA Degree {text:bookmark-end} In a world with growing population and ever increasing competition among humans for limited resources a person needs to stand out with polishedskills and education. I strongly believe that pursuing an MBA degree will open more doors of opportunity, enhance myself confidence and will give me advantage in getting a desired job. As an graduate in medical sciences, I started my career as clinical research coordinator which is a challenging position in medical research. During one year of experience in the health care research program, I dealt with different pharmaceutical companies, their managers and researchers. Most part of my job was to take care of research documents and get approval for different studies from international revenue board (IRB). During that job I ...view middle of the document...

Moreover, better communication and public dealing skills are very important to stay efficient and competitive in any job. If I go to the personality insight of my Jungian personality self assessment, my Jungian 16-Type personality is INFG, which means I am a reflective, introspective, creative and contemplative person. Just Better work knowledge is not sufficient get to better hold in work ,but other business skills ,like good knowledge of human capital development ,corporate finance are helpful tools to play an active role in applied business research , strategic planning and implementation in any organization. .. According to published article by Patrick Erwin, career writer TO MBA, or NOT TO MBA? A master’s degree in business administration is considered a prerequisite in some fields particularly for those who are on executive trek. But it is beneficial for everyone. Over the last several years, the demand for MBAs has remained steady. In a 2007 survey by the graduate management admissions council, recruiters indicated they were competing to hire qualified MBA graduates. The number of positions recruiters intended to fill with MBAs grew by 18 percent in both 2006 and 2007. Those recruiters stated they were willing to 84 percent more mba degree holders than to an employee who held an undergraduate degree. I think getting the MBA played a great role in my life and career and helped shape what I do now declares Jeffery swedarsky, founder and director for DC Metro Food Tours, a Virginia based company. In the last writer says that research your field and do your MBA in a specialized MBA programs tailored for different industries, like health care, human resource and information Technology. In conclusion, working in health care sector and having a good aptitude toward applied business research and statistics, pursuing my MBA in health care and management will act as springboard to advancement in my field.

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