Why I Decided To Pursue A Mba?

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December 21, 2008

A Master’s Degree In Business Administration:
Why I chose to pursue an MBA degree?


Since the graduation of my undergraduate studies and the emergence of the online MBA programs, I have struggled with the thought of the importance of, pursuing an MBA degree. But like many others, the thoughts of the opportunity cost of pursuing an MBA, and making the right choices on accreditation and universal respect of an online MBA degree versus going to the traditional brick and mortar Universities. When distilled to its vital essence, its vibrant core, the MBA’s true worth lies in three areas: ...view middle of the document...

Al. 2005; Clarke, et. Al. 2001; Smith 2001; Moon 1999). The internet provides many features and resources beneficial to graduate management education such as immediate access to global information, desk-top multi-media capabilities, and communication and dissemination of materials outside traditional class venues and hours (Atwong & Hugstad 1997; Close, et. Al. 2005; Dacko, 2001).

Relationship Development:

The alliances that you form with your classmates and the network that you create is deemed as one of the most important and valuable things that an MBA program can give you. MBA graduates have often felt that the associations formed during the MBA course are resources that are invaluable and can be drawn upon for years after the MBA degree has been achieved (Cameer 2006). We define the degree of separation or transactional distance in a management education context as the quality of student-faculty and student-student relationships (Saba 2007, Kanuka, Collett, and Caswell 2002: Moore 1993, Moore 1983). In other words, the greater the separation, the lower the quality exhibited by student-faculty and student-student relationships is likely to be. Thus, management educators need to strive to reduce the degree of separation between faculty and students as well as among students. Consequently, dialogue appears to be a central element associated with the quality of graduate management education, and, therefore, the degree of educational content structure can be thought of as a controllable mediator that can influence the effectiveness of dialogue (Karns 2005; Rumble 1986).

Access to opportunity:

Let’s face it- an MBA is not the Holy Grail. But in some circles of business, you will not have an opportunity to even compete, much less develop and showcase your skills and talents-without first getting an MBA. For such companies, for such industries, an MBA is an “Admissions ticket.” It is the price of Admissions for being hired. The reasons for this are many (Abdullah, 2206). An MBA degree involves rigorous training, assignments, reports, presentations, and group projects; all of which give you the necessary abilities to handle real life business situations. This helps to set you apart from those who do not have such expertise and can make you a leader in your chosen field (Cameer, 2006). Having an MBA gives you the great opportunity to advance your career and increase your income. If you are in a mid-career level who are waiting for a good career opportunity to move your career to next higher level, taking a MBA is a good decision because an MBA will certifies you as a master in business administration (Harvard, 2008).


The worry about whether degree earned through online education can be widely accepted in the job market is not valid anymore since many job market survey reports have proved it’s accepted by most employers. The only question is whether you can fully benefits from online education...

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