Why I’M Attending College Essay

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I’m attending Stockton for a few reasons but I’m ultimately going to college for my future. I want to be successful and rich so I can have all the good things in life. I figure since my rock star career went south, I’ll have to hit the books. I’m here at Stockton to attain a degree in business and learn the things I need to become a strong businessman. I enjoy business and want to continue with it for my career. I’d love to be the CEO of some huge corporation some day. I also want the full college experience partying, girls, partying... College gives me something to keep me going. Without it I feel like my job at the car wash is taking me nowhere. I want to be ...view middle of the document...

I had absolutely no interest in meeting people or having a good time I just wanted to go home and be out of that foreign environment. I t seemed like the worst month of my life. It’s obvious to see that I didn’t make it through that first semester out at Ricks college. It was so bad for me that I had enough and withdrew from school. When I got home, needless to say, my parents were quite upset with me. What I was most worried about was raising the money to pay for tuition myself. That was the rule if I didn’t go to a church school I had to pay my own tuition. So I got a job immediately when I got home so I could get the money together in time. It wasn’t easy but I’m here attending Stockton. I can say I’ve worked hard to get here and I don’t plan on wasting it. It’s going to be easy for me to work hard in school because I’m the one who’s paying for it. I’m always doing something now whether it be school or work or going out, because it can’t be all work with no play now can it. Besides, I like to go out as much as possible. When I get older I want to have a family without the stress of financial barricades. My entire life my parents have been working two or three jobs each just to make ends meet. That’s not where I want to be with my future. I want a sense of comfort that no matter what happens I’ll have the money to take care of it. I don’t exactly need a luxurious lifestyle, but I’d like to partake in a life of nicer cars, extravagant home, and cash in the bank. So after all I guess I would like to have a few dollars. I know that if I want my family to have this comfort then I’ll have to plan now and stick to my plan so I can make money right away and begin to invest to insure my children with a college education of their choice. It’s often hard to grow up without a substantial amount of money in the family. I’m going to make sure that my wife...

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