Why Have Cities Declined Since World War Ii?

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Why have cities declined since World War II?
Leading up to World War II the growth of United States cities was paramount to the success and progression of the industrial revolution. Ultimately the increasing population density of early cities supplied the labor and consumption that was necessary to fuel the economic fires which in turn pushed the nation into global supremacy. In a sense the size of population and economic success were circularly entwined. After World War II the United States, its veterans, and citizens were riding the high of an international war hero. Prosperity, federal economic stimulus, and a growing need to escape the urban lifestyle lead to a decline of cities in the ...view middle of the document...

In the years following the war the emphasis of federal spending was so over weighted towards the suburbs that scholars cautioned against the impact on cities (Nicolaides 188). “They point(ed) out that most federal spending privileged suburbs over the cities, that little in the way of an explicit ‘urban policy’ existed, and that benefits to cities were mostly an unintended consequence” (Nicolaides 188). Combine the stimulus packages the declining urban support from the government the thought of leaving the city for a suburban lifestyle would have been hard to ignore. In fact it was, and as the cities declined the suburbs exploded.
The industrialization of urban cities was paramount to the success of the United States and its allies during World War II. However all the capitalism and industrialization had a negative side. Urban residents “sought refuge from the odious consequences of capitalist production- poverty, exploited workers, and the misery of their lives” (Nicolaides 3). Urban life was increasingly difficult and impoverished conditions continued...

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