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Why Go Green In The Hospitality Field

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Why Go Green in the Hospitality Field
Shelby Little
October 12, 2015
John Gilpin

Why Go Green in the Hospitality Field

I was recently put in charge of guaranteeing that the hotel I work for is classified as a green hotel. Several changes were put in place that helped to bring this into play. This paper is designed to explain what “Going Green” is and why it is so important.

Environmentalism has become a great concern to businesses; this is being influenced by the recent jump in energy prices. Several different environmental and scientific agencies have supplied data to prove this point. The Hotel industry is no different. It has been shown that the industry would benefit ...view middle of the document...

For over 20 years, the industry has been aware of these concerns, and has been looking into environmentally-friendly alternatives. These alternatives would have to still prove consistent with guest concerns. A 2013 article published in the International Journal of Contemporary Hotel Management examined several strategies for “greening” the industry. The article highlighted a survey for hotel general managers. This survey included managers of hotels that already had an environmental policy. In the article titled, “Environmental Policy in the Hotel Sector: Green Strategy or Stratagem,” it was discovered that in hotels with an environmental policy, the manager believed his customers to be more aware environmentally than in hotels without an environmental policy. In addition, the study found that hotels that did not have financial reporting control system were more likely to adopt an environmental policy. In 1996, when “going green” policies were being discussed they were considered stratagems instead of legitimate business strategies for all hotels to take into consideration. The author concluded that until these environmental concerns become strategic issues the response will remain the same; green policies and practices will be considered stratagems.

Now, in 2015, this issue has become even more important and less of a ploy to attract business from the environmentally-aware consumer. Guest involvement in a greener hotel environment has become more apparent. A 2007, New York Times article titled, “Enjoy Your Green Stay,” stated that green options for hotels had become widespread so quickly due the rising cost of energy. In addition, a USA Today article titled, “More Hotels using eco-friendly design, construction to go green,” stated that, as of 2007, while there are...

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