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Why Europe? Essay

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Why Europe? DBQ

Before the Age of Exploration, Europe was viewed as the underdog. The rest of the world was uninterested in what little the Europeans had to offer. China and India had been trading along the Silk Road for many years and had all the raw materials they needed. China was also much more innovative than Europe. The Chinese acquired axial rudders, compasses, along with other advancements many years before the Europeans. Despite Europe’s disadvantages, they managed to become the leading force in Exploration. Europe may not have had the same force as China, but their “desire for profit and power” (Doc 7) was greater than anyone else’s.
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Not only was exploration incredibly high in cost, but it could be incredibly dangerous as well “Shifting monsoon winds could strand a ship for months.” (Doc 4) Monsoon winds were another key reason that China ceased exploration. Far ports were nearly impossible for Chinese merchants to safely reach. Another document that could be used to show this would be a chart depicting the profit verses the cost of exploration from china. This document among the rest would further prove that it would not have been practical for China to explore past its current boundaries.
Though Europe would seem at a disadvantage against China, “Europe’s small area…forced it to become competitive.” (Doc 6) This competition allowed Europe to become better at war which will benefit them greatly while conquering other nations. Also, Europe was one of the first nations to participate in plant and animal domestication. This allowed for “the development of a settled, politically centralized, socially stratified, economically complex, technologically innovative society.” Europe had more of a “desire for profit and power” (Doc 7) than china did. The Europeans were eager to get out of the dark ages and find new materials and land. Another aspect that aided the Europeans in their conquest was disease. Wherever the conquistadors...

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