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Why Diverstiy Matters Essay

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Why is diversity important in the work place? Diversity in the workplace is described as the differences that each employee in the company brings to the table. Not one person is alike in a company. A person ethnicity, religion, sexual preference, and gender can set you a part from the individuals that you work with. Diversity impacts every part of the company.If diversity is accepted in a company the company will surely succeed. A company that creates a diverse environment shows its employees that no matter how different we are that we can all work together as a team. Employees should feel accepted by its company and fellow coworkers.
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” The companies do not look at how diversity can work in their favor. Many are not given a chance because they’re names are different or they have no workforce experience in New Zealand. They stereotype an individual off of their names or proper experience outside of the country. Candidates that are immigrating are considered a great risk and don’t make it far in the recruitment process. Recruiters don’t want to take too much time on one candidate that is not from New Zealand so if it is too hard for those to confirm the qualifications and background these people are to put at the bottom of the pile. “Others fessed up that the market is flooded with skilled unemployed New Zealanders. So why give the work to a migrant? Some recruiters considered this as loyalty to New Zealand” (Le Pla, 2012). Immigrants really don’t have a fighting chance in this workforce they will struggle to find a job. Ignorance is bliss in this workforce. Immigrants in this country are fighting an uphill battle they are in a no win situation.
Women have been fighting for equality in the workforce for many years. This problem is no different in New Zealand. Women are not getting ahead in New Zealand’s workforce. Women are not given senior roles in companies. Women in this workforce face a double injustice when it comes to gender and age. The male directors in companies tend to look down on women and do not believe that they should have the same work positions. Nobody really comes out and say that this is a man’s job, but the verbal language more says it all. They do believe that companies should have women working but just not in senior roles in a company. Women fight to get a head in this workforce which makes it a struggle to move forward in a company. Women are paid less than man for doing the same work. Women are encouraged to keep moving forward and try to hold their position at a company. Women are trying to move forward and be successful when all the odds are against them. This also contributes to New Zealand’s lack of diversity in their workforce.
While there are many problems with New Zealand’s workforce there are people trying to fight to make it better. New Zealand’s workforce is suffering and labor pool is shrinking. As a nation they are suffering from a lack of skills. Taylor challenged many companies to open up their minds to a new way of thinking. The immigrants, women and people with disabilities should be given a chance. Her view was to open up and accept people for who they are and welcome change. Taylor explains “a wonderful opportunity of multiculturalism is right here at our door steps. It’s up to us to unleash it.” (Le Pla, 2012). If you open up and given people opportunity’s that you would not then maybe the workforce would be much more diverse. The HR in the companies is very important. They are the leaders of the companies they provide training and have the code of ethics on how the company is run. Human resources are important for the company to...

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