Why Did The Wwi Last So Long?

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Why did the World War I. last so long?
Year 1914 marked the end of rather peaceful years, in consideration to what followed afterwards, of 19th century. This year during which Europe was engulfed in one of the most painful and largest conflicts in human history and there are several reasons as of why did such a thing happen.
First reason that contributed to the length of war was, that both Treaty and Alliance had expectations which were not possible to be fulfilled and the fact that no one had had the experience with similar conflict, as the previous ones were only short regional wars. Everyone expected a short war and believed to be home by Christmas. Unfortunately the conflict that ...view middle of the document...

Furthermore, invasion of Belgium brought to war United Kingdom as it not only respected Treaty with Belgium, which spoke of giving aid when the other country is under attack, but also to prevent Germany from reaching the channel through which they would have had an easy access to UK if they wanted to invade it too. It was no longer possible to finish the invasion quickly and it was one of the first indicators that the war was to be indeed longer than everyone expected, but still it was a famous British quote that said home by Christmas. Only when Russia joined the war on August 17th and a second front was formed the contours of to be the first total war were drawn more clearly.
It was an invasion from Russian side, as an answer to Germany attacking France, which formed the second Eastern Front in the First World War and opened possibilities to bigger massacres and prolonged the conflict. Russian army was supposed to be ill-equipped and slow at mobilization for Russia had a old and inefficient infrastructure, which slowed the movement of troops, but Russia started partial mobilization one day after Austria-Hungary declared war to Serbia, on a June 29th in order to support Serbia. First attack which took place at Eastern front was attack of part of Russian army under command of General Pavel Rennenkampf and was soon followed by other attacks on Prussia. The Austria-Hungary was pushed back and it appeared at first that the Germany is pushed back as well. However the commander over German troops on East was soon replaced by Hindenburg and Ludendorff who overwhelmed Russian troops at Tannenberg and Masurian Lakes in August and September 1914. Soon other Russian losses continued, it was a great massacre on Eastern front, even though the information about is rather grim. Russian troops were poorly supplied( weak infrastructure of country), they were massive massacres at each fight and over all over 2 200 000 Russians died on the front, while German suffered the loss of about 800 000 men, while the true numbers are at loss, for hundreds thousands were wounded and even more were missing, but the St. Petersburg still insisted on maintaining positions. This fact ended the Great Russian Empire as well as the Eastern front, later on 3rd March 1918 by Treaty signed by Communists who had overthrown Tzar´s rule during October revolution. Eastern front was closed, but it stole many lives and when it ended Germany focused its full force on...

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