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Why Did The Usa Get Involved In Asia In 1950?

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Why did the USA get involved in Asia in 1950? (30)
After the end of the Second World War, the two war time allies the USA and Soviet Union became involved in a war of ideologies, the cold war. The US saw communism as a threat to democracy and capitalism. Therefore the US set out a new foreign policy, the policy of containment, in the Truman doctrine. There were however other reasons for the USA’s involvement such as their military confidence, UN agreement, domestic pressure which called for Truman to be more tough on communism and their economic interest in Japan which led to the US government’s decision to intervene in the Korean War.
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The soviets were also on the rise in the late 1940s which worried the USA greatly as suddenly, they were no longer the leaders in the nuclear weapon monopoly. In 1949, the USSR successfully tested their own atom bomb which meant that they were now on the same level as USA in terms of arms. The fear of communism spreading was quickly rising in the USA and they had to react fast as to keep the population of America calm. Furthermore, with the discovery of Alger Hiss, a Soviet spy who had been supplying the Soviets with diplomatic secrets, the paranoia of communism spreading in America was huge. Truman was often criticised for his lack of involvement in preventing the spread; as a result the Red Scare and McCarthyism emerged throughout America. McCarthyism was the idea that there were threats of secret communists in the USA, with McCarthy claiming that he knew of 200 communists in the State Department. As a result of this fear of communism ideas spreading in America, Paranoia in America shot through the roof and a lot of pressure was put on Truman. Truman feared that he may lose elections as many of the population believed he was soft on communism, so he became increasingly involved to show that US was a defender of democracy and capitalism, attempting to ‘keep communism at bay’.
However arguably the most influential factor of USA’s involvement in Asia was North Korea’s invasion of South Korea. In 1949, Stalin gave Kim Il Sung the go ahead to invade South Korea; he...

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