Why Did Henry Tudor Win The Battle Of Bosworth In 1485?

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15th October 2014
Why did Henry Tudor win the Battle of Bosworth in 1485?

Lead up to Battle

* Beacon network in place to warn of Tudor’s invasion | * Due to ‘Bucks’ rebellion, he knew he had to plan his second invasion with great political, military and diplomatic care |
* Reinforced his position | * His promise to marry Elizibeth of York won support from disaffected Royal Servants in England |
* Placed himself in Nottingham Castle, putting himself centrally in England | * Tudor had agents frequently crossing the Channel to assess and build his level of public support |
* Had a large army (10,000-15,000) | * Tudor’s ...view middle of the document...

men whilst Sir Gilbert Talbot brought 500 men |
* Had Lord Stanley’s son (Lord Strange) as hostage | * Tudor went through Wales unopposed |
* Able warrior | |

* Spent huge amounts of money commisioning a fleet in Southampton | * No Great Magnate had fully declared for him- No guarantee of support |
* Some of his men defected to Tudor (Rhys ap Thomas and Lord Stanley) | * Forced to flee from Brittany |
* Alienated much of the Nobility due to usurptions, Mystery over the Princes and various rumours | * Inexperienced in battle and English politics |
| * Support base in Brittany and France was small |
| * Started the Battle of Bosworth in a marsh |
| * Small army of about 5,000 men |

The Battle of Bosworth

* Large army of about 10,000 men | * Earl of Oxford, an experienced warrior, lead the vanguard |
* Started on higher ground (Ambien Hill) | * Philibert de Chandee’s pikemen executed a complex manoeuvre never seen before in Britain to protect Henry Tudor |
* Killed Tudor loyalists Willam Brandon and John Cheney | * Sir William Stanley intervened with his retinue to save Tudor |
| * Had highly professional merceneries |
| * Killed Richard III and rounded his army |

* Led a rash charge to personally end Tudor’s challenge -This resulted in him losing high ground and his death | * Maximum of 5,000 men of various nationalities |
| * Lord Stanley played no part in the Battle |
| * Unsure of his support even after the start of the Battle |

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