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Why Did Henry Essay

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Why did henry Vii Break with Rome?-By Jia Kahai 7S?7V

Henry Viii was born in 1941 and reined from 1509-1547.He was 17 when he came to the throne and was king for approximately 37 years,6 months and 9 days. Before the break with Rome, England was a Roman Catholic country. Henry Viii broke with Rome because of five main reasons: Money, power love, Inhabitants and succession. The five main reasons are connected. For example succession is linked with to power. By having a son he thought he would still have power at the throne when he was no longer rule as his heir would take over. Power was the most important reason, as when he created the Church of England he knew that he would have a lot of ...view middle of the document...

This is important as from the church he would collect wealth and therefore use it for his own needs instead of using it wisely and putting it towards the church.

Power was the most important factor. This gave Henry increased control throughout Europe and at home .The Catholic Church lost their power base. All inhabitants had to choose which religion they followed , even the Dukes . Many decided it was safer to change, many thousands changed only on the surface, and some did not change at all. Previous Catholic men of the Church and nobles (Dukes, Earls, Barons etc.,) had to pledge for their loyalty towards Henry. Those that didn't were either sent to the Tower of London to beheaded or killed in some other brutal way. These became martyrs - Thomas More a great friend of Henry, was beheaded - so no one was safe.

Another reason why Henry broke from the Roman Church was because he needed money. When Henry was made King he was short of money because he had lost lots of expensive wars. Henry then noticed that the church had a lot of money. If he took over the church all of its treasury would be his. The monasteries were very rich and owned about a quarter of the land in the country, so he could then close down the monasteries, take their money and gold and sell their land. Henry needed the money for power so that he could then build a stronger army and fight more wars. This would then show that he is a powerful king, money is not the most important reason but it is an important one.

There is another important reason this is that Henry

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