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Why Did Germany Lose The First World War In 1918? An Essay Answering The Question Of Why Germany Lost And Why They Lost When They Did

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Why did Germany lose the First World War in 1918?The First World War was a huge event which ended abruptly; going from huge German advances after March 1918 to Germany asking for peace later that year: they were forced from a hard hitting offensive to defeat for various reasons:One of the key reasons for Germany's defeat is the internal problems suffered by Germany from late 1917. Morale in the ranks of the Germany army was diminished to a painfully low point: they were exhausted from the spring offensive and on low morale from the turn of the tide at 1918 and the new of the entry of America into the war on the Allied side. Germany was suffering overall supply problems: There were food ...view middle of the document...

Another reason is the exhaustion and losses suffered by Germany due to the failure of Germany's Ludendorff offensive. During the offensive Germany lost nearly a million men: losses they could not afford, especially as the entry of the American's into Europe was imminent, bringing significant Allied manpower. The early advances of the German's were too much: they had advanced too far; faster than their Artillery and supplies could go: meaning that large German forces were in enemy territory on a wide front left very vulnerable; with limited supplies and little artillery cover. The large advances made only left the troops vulnerable with few supplies and artillery, on top of heavy casualties. The German army was therefore exhausted: all of Germany's resources had been poured into this offensive, and Germany was left with an exhausted and low morale army; having suffered high casualties. In contrast, the Allies had fresh American troops, plentiful supplies and various integrated technologies; fighting exhausted, vulnerable and depressed German infantry. This allowed an allied counter-attack to force the Germans to make peace shortly after the offensive, ending the war in a pro-Allied way in 1918. Without the Spring offensive, Germany would have been in a far stronger position to defend itself. If the offensive was conducted better, it is possible however that it could have won the war for Germany.Another reason is the entry of America into the war. Whilst the Americans did little fighting and late in the war compared to the British and French; they had a huge impact on the way that Germany conducted their war effort. The decision of America to enter the war meant that soon the large American army would come, giving the Allies an overwhelming advantage. Germany's solution was to pour all their resources into ending the war quickly in their favour, the spring offensive, the failure of which was a key short term factor for Germany's loss as explained above. The entry of America into the war also had a wider effect: by July 1918 a significant number of Americans had landed, giving an allied manpower superiority allowing the allies to replace their losses with keen and fresh troops: a luxury Germany didn't have. Most importantly, the entry of America had a large effect on the morale of both sides. Such a powerful country entering the war against Germany had a huge demoralising effect on Germany soldiers; many of whom felt they were fighting a losing war. It was a huge boost to Entente soldiers knowing that such a powerful and fresh country was coming to fight on their side. America had a large impact on the war; perhaps making an allied victory almost inevitable; bringing the war to a swift pro-Allied conclusion with the manpower, supplies and morale affects that it brought. Without America, the Allies would have been in a far weaker position to defeat Germany swiftly and Germany would not have been forced to pour all their resources into one final...

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