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Why Did Australia Join The Vietnam War?

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The Vietnam War was different from any other battle fought in the history of mankind. Unlike other wars this confrontation was not engaged in order to conquer but to reform. Greed and desire which are the usual elements that spur wars into existence were absent from this one.The Vietnam War was fought between 1959 and 1970. It began as a determined attempt by Communist guerrillas in the South, backed by Communist North Vietnam, to overthrow the government of South Vietnam. This struggle quickly widened into a full scale international war and the US promptly sent troops to help South Vietnam in its struggle against North Vietnam. North Vietnam was supported by communist USSR and communist China and South Vietnam was assisted by USA and some 40 other countries including Australia. Though the US and its ...view middle of the document...

This repetitive pattern would never culminate unless forcefully stopped. To some extent this generalization was correct. Communism had spread from the Soviet Union to Vietnam in a very little amount of time. The proximity of the communist Vietnam to Australia was one of the major aspects that made Australians feel that they had to defend their nation from Communism by implementing the forward defense stratagem.The involvement of the US was another development that could not be ignored. The US was considered to be the most powerful nation in the world. It had demonstrated its ability to counter attack in the Second World War It was also very strong economically. For Australia it was bigger and tougher than Britain with whom Australia had shared deep bonds and ties, but those relations were gradually fading. This was apparent in WWII when Japanese troops had extended their military achievement till the Pacific and Papa New Guinea. As Britain could not spare its troops Australia had felt the need of the US. Consequently, it became the ideal ally for Australia and most other countries. By getting involved in the war Australia felt that it would achieve the US confidence and hence keep it as a 'reserve' for the future if Australia faced grave and unprecedented threats.Australia tried not to reveal its intentions of helping the US when it entered the war. This became evident when it allegedly received a phone call from the South Vietnam government requesting its presence. It was highly unlikely that South Vietnam would ask for Australia's presence when it was being helped by so many other nations. Rather it would be a favor from the Australian government if South Vietnam called Australia on their request.From the above arguments it can be concluded that the chief reason of Australia entering the Vietnam War was focused around the benefits that it would gain by helping the US.

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