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Why Did America Get Increasingly Involved In The Vietnam War?

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America's increase of participation in the Vietnam War was mainly caused by the long-running causes of the cold war, which were fear of communism and containment.The Vietnam War really started in 1945 with the North Vietnamese Declaring independence. Vietnam was a French colony before the Second World War and, with the liberation of German controlled France; they decided to try to reclaim their imperial state for the French empire. The leader of the Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh) had been shown possibility of support from America during the fighting against the Japanese, so he thought they would help him in the war with France. Unfortunately for him it was discovered that Ho Chi Minh was ...view middle of the document...

Diem stopped the planned nationwide elections and kept control of South Vietnam. He favoured Catholics over the more common religion of Buddhism, he beat opposition and embezzled money for his own use.During this the Americans were sending advisors to train the South Vietnamese army because they had limited resources and equipment. America felt that they could solve the problems in Vietnam by training the South Vietnamese army in 'American Tactics.' They did this to contain the spread of communism because they could see that the South Vietnamese army was unprepared for the fight against the North Vietnamese. In 1960 the North Vietnamese and the Vietcong (South Vietnamese communists) started a guerrilla campaign against South Vietnam and the American-Vietnamese army. Kennedy also started sending squads of "crack troops" to assist in the fighting. Despite this the guerrilla campaign was very successful and the Americans had to resort to what they called hi-tech weaponry. This included Napalm, Agent Orange and Blanket Bombing.America finally resorted to sending their own troops into Vietnam because the guerrilla campaign was taking its toll on the army of South Vietnam, as the soldiers were not trained to fight in this skirmish style.Whilst in Vietnam, the American soldiers failed to get the local residents on their side as the Vietcong and north Vietnamese would work with the locals and hide amongst...

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