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Why Creating Value Essay

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Organisations that build strong value driven cultures frequently achieve continuous high performance. To what extent is your decision making recognisably based on your organisational core values?
Core values provide a cultural norm, that informs the essence of a value driven organisation, connecting the individual to the corporate soul. Successful organisations have an implicit strength in taking advantage of the goodwill that cultural values engender. Learning to tap the improvement potential by making core values work for your company contributes significantly to the sustainable long tail.
Building a Vision-Guided, Values-Driven Organization
Richard Barrett is the Managing Partner of Richard Barrett and Associates and creator of the Corporate Transformation Tools®. He has written a powerful article on values driven companies.
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Shareholders: Organizational values need to meet the needs of the new breed of shareholders that are only investing in companies that: (a) meet socially responsible investment criteria; and (b) compete to be the best companies to work for, or other quality awards.
Potential employees: To attract the best people, the organizational values need to meet the needs of potential new employees who are choosing to work in organizational cultures that align with their personal values.
Existing employees: To retain the best people, the organizational values also need to meet the needs of existing employees and support them in finding personal fulfillment at work.
The need for an organization to create harmonious interpersonal relationships and good communications. Without good relationships with employees, customers and suppliers, company survival is compromised.
However, when companies become too entrenched at this level of consciousness they place importance on relationships not for what they can give, but for what they can take. What they put into a relationship is purely based on what they think they will get back. Companies at this level tend to be strong on tradition and image, and weak on flexibility and entrepreneurship. Rules are important because there is little trust. They demand discipline and obedience from their employees. Family businesses tend to operate from relationship consciousness. This limits their ability to become successful because they are unable to trust outsiders in management positions.
Almost all organizations have to define their core values. Employees who enfranchise the core values to a greater extent tend to be key performers. Understanding how core values encourages alignment with the mission and vision of the organisation is a valuable study every company should undertake. Key performers often Inspire others to raise the bar. How do you perceive that your employees live your organisation values?

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