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Why Can It Be Difficult To Decide Whether Or Not A Person Is A Carer And Does It Matter? Base Your Answer On The Case Of Someone You Know

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Name: Asha Renah
23 February 2011

Part A: Essay
Title: Why can it be difficult to decide whether or not a person is a carer, and does it matter?
Base your answer on the case of someone you know.

In this short piece of writing I will talk about the reason why it’s a great significance to be able to say who is and who isn’t a carer. The value of being recognised for the work being done helps lift the feeling of isolation and helplessness.Once recognised as a carer, support and help may be provided from proffessional agencies who can offer them with support and to identify their skills in the caring sector.
Jessica 27 looks after her half sister Elain 51 who suffers with stroke and ...view middle of the document...

Duration and Frequency:
There is a certain period of time involved in caring for someone, for them to be given the name `carer,’ It is clearly identified by the Carers National Association that a person who cares for more than 35 hours a week and non-commercial, is classified as a carer. Jessica spends her time at home caring for Elain, this can be a full time job, and therefore she is recognised as carer. (
Elain is always in the Hospital beause of her ill health below, so she needs help when she return home with bathing, going to the toilet etc,Jessica who care for her is called `a carer’. Jessica does not need to be labelled because she is doing something that comes naturally to care for her one and only sister as her mother and dad are both deceased.There are benefits of being labelled such as being recognised with local authorities so people can get the help they need.I asked Jessica how she felt about being labelled as a Carer and she told me that it doen’t upset her in the slightest mainly because she gets a lot of help and support from the local stroke and vascular demential’s group.
Networking is someone or lots of people who are not necessarily involved in the...

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