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Why Applying For Cultural Diversity Tuition Waiver

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I am Robert Kargbo, born on the 10th of June , 1968, in Freetown, Sierra Leone. I am married with two children, ages five and seven. I also have two foster kids, Saidu and Saine, ages seven and twelve respectively. I did my primary, secondary and college education in Freetown. Since my graduation in 1995, I have not been in a learning environment as a result of the ongoing civil war in my country. Just after my graduation, the civil war intensified and I and my family had to abruptly flee Sierra Leone to the neighboring French speaking country of Guinea. Despite the language barrier we had, I managed to filed an asylum request to the United State Government through the United Nation High ...view middle of the document...

With my family situation, it is practically impossible for me to finance myself for a university study. My wife does a manual job and makes little money. Someone may ask , why I didn't go in for graduate studies or go in as a special student? My answer to such a question is mainly two reasons. The first reason is finance. I will need resources like books, lecture materials and assigned advisor. This will require me to either quit my job or go in for a part time job which will make it intriguing for me not only to sustain my family but to pay for tuition or buy learning materials. The second reason is that I have been out of tought with chemistry for a long time. I recently took a self assessment test in general GRE and chemistry GRE, and realized that though I still know the basics, I need to improve myself inorder to successfully go through these exams. Ironically, the more I wanted to study, the more I realized that the resources at my disposal are very limited. Chemistry is a practical and dynamic subject that needs to be constantly revised and practiced. The only viable option, which I am now considering, is to go in as an undergraduate student with the possibility of getting financial aid to help me pursue my career. Without financial aid, there is no way I could further my career. My house and belongings were completely burnt down in Freetown and now I am starting a new life in the United States. If I am given this opportunity to rebuild my life and family again, I will definitely be obliged and will make the best use of it. I hope to make an important difference in society; if only you provide me the opportunity.

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