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Why Ants Should Die Essay

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In the world we live in today, there are many cases of Ant Brutality. Ants from all colors, sizes, and backgrounds have waged war against human beings for centuries. So far, the human race as a whole has not answered with any retaliatory strikes, aside from the individual sprayings and smashing of ants. Some argue that ants, too, have the same rights as other animals and deserve the same right to life.I disagree.Ant genocide should be promoted. They are pests and should be done away with--preferably painfully. Ants are the scum of not only the insect world, but the entire geological sphere we ...view middle of the document...

It is completely understandable why it would do so. Felines do not bite if they are not provoked (unless it is out of love). Ants are a different story. They will just crawl up your legs while you sit in your front yard and decide "Hey, I think I'm going to bite you..." Whether they do it out of demonic posession or sheer lunacy, I know not. In any case, it doesn't matter.What? You don't believe ants can become demonically possessed? I assure you they can, and that it is very common in the US today. I have witnessed this sort of thing many times, and it is NOT pretty.Ants aren't the only ones prone to demonic possession, however. Dogs, for instance, are extremely prone to such things. Symptoms for a dog's possession include watery eyes and a white foamy substance around the mouth. It's quite sad because dogs are so much more useful than ants.I can only hope that other people share my sentiments and wish to destroy the hellish creatures known as ANTS.In conclusion, I'll leave you with one of my poems.Ants I smash you with my fist It's a shame you do not bleed.Even though I'm half allergic, How I love to do the deed ------ Flies are much more gruesome When you get them with a swatter I've killed complete fly families off Mother, Father, Son, and Daughter ------ But flies could never quite live up To the ways that Ants bewitch 'Cuz I love to press their abdomens down And watch their antannae twitch.END

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