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Why An Mba Essay

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Why an MBA
University of Phoenix
May 31, 2010

I could not decide if I wanted to go after my Master’s in Business Administration, or just stop at my bachelor’s degree. It took me 26 years to decide to go back to school to pursue my AA in Accounting, despite all the pressures, and pushing that I had received from my parents and my family members. So in 2006 I decided that it was time, I looked around to a variety of different colleges and decided that I wanted to attend University of Phoenix Online because I did not want to deal with going to classes, instead I preferred to stay home and be comfortable. After my associates in accounting I decided that because I could still not ...view middle of the document...

All of these seem to be good reasons to go after my MBA. Can an MBA help with finding me a career that will help me use all this knowledge. Based upon further research this I had found that an MBA is more internationally recognized, I could earn a higher salary, an MBA shows increased business knowledge, and an MBA is a permit to advancement (GMAT MBA Help, 2010). With all of this in mind and with all of the research I did I decided that going after my MBA would be the right thing.
There can be another side of going after my MBA, which is the negative side. Considering the time that will be necessary to do the homework, and the reading. Consider that when I find a job I will have to balance work, studies, and family. Considering all of these factors, I decided that I needed to do this for myself, and to support financially my family. I sat down and discussed this with my family, and weighed out all of the pros and cons of the situation, and they told me that they would stand behind me 100% to achieve my dream. I do have skeptics in my family, which are my parents who think I will be borrowing all of this money and I will not be able to finish it, so now I have to prove myself to my skeptics as well. The one good thing that has come out of this with my parents is that my parents would pay for my education as long as I keep getting “A’s” in all my classes, so there would be another incentive to push myself as well.
Now that I have decided to go after my MBA I had to see what University of Phoenix had to offer me, so I called my counselor, and they connected me up with an enrollment counselor, which in turn sent me information about their MBA program. The program consisted of classes such as management, human resources, business law, accounting and finance, and many more depending on the emphasis that I decide to go after; this grabbed my eye as something that could be very interesting, and challenging. In the information that they had sent me it stated that an MBA degree can provide me with the advancement in my career, financial security, increased salary, rapid advancement, and job stability (University of Phoenix, 2010). I decided though that in choosing my MBA that I would not go after the same field that my BA and AA were in, which was accounting. I decided that I would base my emphasis on Healthcare Management that way it can open more doors and not just accounting, and besides I decided that I was really not interested in pursuing my CPA. I have interviewed for a few positions in the past four years and there were times that I could have gotten the job if I had an MBA. In some of the research I had done, it stated that people that have an MBA will help climb a company’s corporate ladder a lot quicker than one without (eduers, 2009). I have noticed though that ever since I have put on my resume that I am also starting to pursue my MBA, I have been getting a few more interviews, and companies are starting to show more of an interest in...

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