Why Am I Here Essay

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Aide Vazquez
Perg 120
Amber Alatorre
2 September 2015
Why am I here?
In personal growth 120 I want to learn about all the resources that are available to me and how to use them. So far I have the financial aid available to me. I also applied for the EOPS and CARE program. I’ve learned that there are many clubs that I can join.
Emotionally I would like to be as excited and motivated as I am now. I hope it doesn’t fade away. I am doing this for myself but I would like to make those who love me proud. I want to keep going and excited in every class regardless of all the obstacles I know might come ahead. There is no easy road and if it seems easy that means you are on the wrong one.
Academically I would like myself to be in a “B” average since I am looking to transfer to SDSU. Push myself to earn ...view middle of the document...

My two beautiful kids are my biggest blessing.
My plan to get to these goals are to have lots of patience and be able to divide my time wisely because besides being a student I am also a mother, homemaker, daughter, and an employee. It’s a working progress but soon I will have it down. I have just asked to have less hours off from work to be able to accomplish my goals. I am very willing to make this commitment to myself. I believe that right now is the perfect time to make big and beautiful changes to my life.
For this journey I will have to pack an open mind, lots of patience, resources, positive attitude, concentration (since I am easily distracted), and family and friends willing to help me out in times of need. I believe there are no loose ends that will affect my growth unless I let it get to me and I’m not one to give up that quick. Some of the potential forks that I see that can affect my journey are economic problems. Hoping everything runs smoothly I believe that it won’t happen at least for this semester.
So where do I start? Here and now. I want my growth to be significant. I want to break out of the box and stop being so shy. I want not to be afraid to ask questions and to ask why. To be more outgoing and be the one who made it happen.
The people I hope support me in my journey are my close family and friends. The reason being is because I know they want to see me thrive. They would like to see me accomplish my goals because they believe and know I can. I just need to remind myself sometimes. My father who has just come in to my life a few years ago is my biggest fan and I don’t want to disappoint him. He is the one who told me that I should do something bigger with my life.
When I look back at this class I hope to have gained lots of confidence and knowledge and above all personal growth. Learn how to manage my time and I want to be more persistent. This is why I am here.

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