Why A Personalized Induction Will Always Be More Effective Than A Standard Induction. I Shall Provide Theoretical Concepts And Techniques That Were Present In The Class To Enhance My Arguments

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In this essay I will discuss why a personalized induction will always be more effective than a standard Induction. I shall provide theoretical concepts and techniques that were present in the class to enhance my arguments. Firstly I shall focus on why Personalized inductions are more effective and why, then I shall move onto standard inductions and why sometimes they can be effective.

Any induction should firstly be designed to facilitate the process whereby the patient progressively detaches himself from awareness of their surroundings, allowing the senses to provide the data to absorb themselves in the images and thoughts suggested to them by the therapist or drawn from their own ...view middle of the document...

It is far too easy to tell if someone isn’t listening to what is being said, this then causes conflict and a breakdown in communication.

It is also important to ensure that your client feels comfortable within your/their environment, i.e. are you dressed acceptably, is the room at the correct temperature not to hot or cold, either could cause the client discomfort. Ensure there are no background noises to hinder the consultation. And so the list continues, considerations such as these are called External Obstacles. (2)

As a Therapist you must also be aware of Internal Obstacles, these are such things as a client may become confused at something, which prevents understanding or acceptance of the message that is being portrayed. Either party may make incorrect assumptions, a therapist should never assume anything as this could end the therapy process. A Therapist should also try to talk to the client with a similar dialect to aid understanding between client and therapist, any misunderstandings need to be clarified to avoid breakdown in communications. Again this is only a small example of such obstacles, both must be considered and used effectively within an initial consultation to obtain the clients trust and ensure there is mutual understanding within this relationship. (2)

All humans despite appearing the same are all individual and each person has different likes and dislikes, cultural beliefs, values and perspectives, Therefore to work with each individuals, and achieve the best chance of success, we must use various techniques to ensure that each individual achieves the most beneficial state possible.

The Automatic thought process is that when humans communicate with others it is generally using language. This is not entirely true, body language, tone and volume play a huge part in communication the figures below enhance this point: (2)

• Body Language provides 55%
• Tone & Volume provides 38%
• Words alone come in last place only contributing 7%

Using these figures with hypnosis in mind, if we are unable to use body language and we are limited on tone and volume, as a therapist to achieve change, we have to be extremely careful with what we say and how we provide suggestion. To achieve this we must work closely with each individual on their likes and dislikes as well as their personality in order to gain their trust, to assist them in reaching a suitable state of hypnosis.

Therefore for hypnotherapist to assist and provide an effective induction for a client it must be precise. It is extremely important to have a basic understanding of how we can best work with each individual

A starter for this will be to understand how what our brains have the capability of:

• Brains learn at great speed, it is extremely important to be precise with the information shared
• As each individual grows with knowledge they understand the things that make up their personality and the extent to which they know the...

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