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Who Was Responsible For The Cold War

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Arielle Armstrong
Professor Kennedy
History 1302

Who or What is Responsible for the Cold War

When it comes to the issue of the Cold War there are many different theories on how it got started. For example, many people blame the communist Soviet Russia, the evil leader Stalin, President Truman, mistrust, misunderstanding, and misconceptions. Some say all these theories are true and some say all these theories are false. However, I believe it was not just one specific even that started the Cold War, but a series of unfortunate events. In my opinion, the Cold War was the fault of Communist Soviet Russia and its evil leader, Stalin, who wanted to make the whole world Communist. The West was scared of this and was forced to resist in ...view middle of the document...

The Cold War was also based on Joe Stalin's paranoia and xenophobia. He killed millions of his own countrymen during the most terrible war in History for imagined disloyalty. He had the Army ring a city with artillery to destroy a whole city and all of its inhabitants due to suspected activity that really didn't exist. When Harry Truman ordered the dropping of the atomic bombs, it shocked Stalin. All countries claim to have a 'super-weapon' that will win the war, and the world saw some of Germany's: V-1 and -2 rockets, Type XXII Submarines, and the ME-262 jet fighters. Truman did not brag about the A-bomb, in fact, he didn't know of its existence until after he took the oath of office of President. He had approved its use after the Potsdam Post-war Conference where Stalin had been belligerently telling of a new; Communist Europe under the aegis of the USSR, and Harry needed a way to curb the Soviet dictator. That was how the Cold War began, with the dropping of the A-bomb. This was done to keep their political and social culture.

In conclusion, there are many different theories as to who or what started the Cold War. However, in my opinion, the Cold War was the fault of Communist Soviet Russia and its evil leader, Stalin. The USSR and Stalin wanted to make the whole world Communist. The Western World had its foundations in Capitalism, which was the polar opposite of Soviet Communism. And when The Soviet Union began to spread socialist views to China and other surrounding nations, the United States and Western Europe decided that they must put an end to it. The West was scared of this and forced to resist the USSR in order to preserve their social and political culture.

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