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Who Was Maria Montessori Essay

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Who was Maria Montessori.
Maria Montessori was a unique individual. Today many would describe her as a person who thinks outside the box, a pioneer in enabling children to learn through meaningful experiences. Maria Montessori was an individual way ahead of her time.
Maria was born to parents of educated middle class. Her father, Alessandro Montessori was a civil servant and former soldier. He had studied debate and mathematics. Her mother was Renilde Stoppani was unusually well educated and an avid reader. She was niece of the famous philosopher – scientist Antonio Stoppani. Maria Montessori herself was confident and strong minded, excelling in school. She was an only child filled with ...view middle of the document...

She graduated from college at sixteen and was accepted for technical institute, Rome. Against her father’s traditional views Maria Montessori decided to attend medical school, which was not open to women.
And so she persisted and enrolled at the University of Rome. She faced many obstacles and challenges as she was the only female medical student. Despite all of this she excelled as a student and received a standing ovation during a medical lecture she gave. Her father reluctantly attended but was glad he did because it gave him a new insight into his daughter and turned his thoughts into great pride.
When, in July 1896 Maria Montessori presented her thesis, her sheer brilliance so impressed the all male board of review that they awarded her a full medical degree making her Italy’s first woman doctor. On becoming the first woman in Italy to receive a doctorate of medicine, she was a scientist, not a teacher. It is ironic that she became famous for her...

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