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Who Was Gadot Essay

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Of all the books I’ve ever read, I don’t think I’ve ever been as confused as I was in “Waiting for Godot”. This is because there is nothing to be confused about, as there is little to no substance in the book to consider at all! Because of this, it is quite confusing to me that “Waiting for Godot” is such a critically acclaimed, award winning book. The only explanation for why the book is so popular is the fact that no one and everyone understand it, simultaneously. The empty plot line and lack of story allows each individual to, in a sense, write the book themselves. That theory explains the reason why there are so many different interpretations of the same text. One person could read it through their filter, and get something entirely different than another person with a different background.
This book is full of deep symbolism. The most ...view middle of the document...

They cannot get up on their own because they are trapped in their situation, and they need Gadot to come to let them escape.
Vladimir and Estragon need Gadot to help them escape from time. They are trapped in time, as is evident in the way they have trouble remembering what day it is. Also, the passage where Estragon cannot remember what had happened the day before shows how time has become so irrelevant and difficult to grasp. This explains some of the characters weird behavior. They are trapped in a situation where time is intangible, and therefore the reality of other concepts also diminishes.
Another difficulty Estragon and Vladimir need Gadot’s help to escape from is the concept of meaninglessness. They have no purpose or motivation to do anything. They try to distract themselves by doing peculiar, odd things, in order for them to forget for a moment that their lives are meaningless. The entire book can be seen as a symbol of meaningless, with Gadot as the only escape from a life with no meaning.
I think the best example of why I think Gadot is a symbol for an escape is the way that humanity deals with the same difficulties as Estragon and Vladimir. Almost everyone has something they are trying to escape from, be it boredom, or loneliness, or debt. Vladimir and Estragon are so bored and empty that they consider hanging themselves, not for fun, but just because they could, to pass the time. Similar to this, many people do things that don’t make sense just as an attempt to escape their situation. People who are in debt often continue to spend money to try and make themselves feel better. Fat people continue to eat because they don’t know how to cope. Gadot symbolizes the escape that we are all waiting for. We don’t know what it is we need, but we will wait, in our empty, boring lives until our escape comes along. We don’t know when, but we can be hopeful, just like Vladimir and Estragon, that today is the day that we will finally overcome our situation.

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