“Who Or What Was The Inspiration For Choosing Your Current Course Of Study?”

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“Who or what was the inspiration for choosing your current course
of study?”

I’m currently studying in my final year of a Software Engineering (MEng) degree, and I have absolutely no disappointments or regrets in having chosen to study this course. Hopefully, by the end of this essay you will have gained some idea of why I chose to study this particular course, and also see that the decision was not as simple as you would think. I will show that the above question, in my case, isn’t “who or what”, but really a combination of both, “who and what”. Going to university is a big decision for anybody, because it literally changes your perspective on life in one way or another. This is why it ...view middle of the document...

I was a very curious boy when I was growing up (I still am come to think of it!), which meant that I would be thrilled when my Dad would tell me stories of what he had done at work that night. Even now, when I go back home during the holidays, we will relive past habits of sitting at the dinning table and discussing how Dad’s work had gone last night. Professionalism is one of the first things that struck me about being an engineer when I was younger. I saw my Dad updating a massive thick file (there’s so much work that files are used rather than books!) with work that had been carried out the night before. When I asked my Dad why he did this, my Dad explained that the log file was a record to show as proof to the IEEE (Institution of Electrical and Electronic Engineers) that work was being carried out worthy of an Incorporated Engineer. This is when I found out that institutions existed to help engineers carry out their roles in a professional manner. I found out from my Dad that you needed certain academic

qualifications and experience to attain the level of an Incorporated Engineer (IEng). I then came to find out that to achieve the highest level, a Chartered Engineer (CEng); you were required to have a minimum four years education and four years professional job experience. Whilst I was studying A-Levels, the time had come to start applying to universities. Both my parents fully supported my decision to pursue a career in engineering, but as I had later found out, my Mum had been secretly hoping that I might have chosen to do Medicine as a degree course, as Mum had liked the idea of having a doctor in the family! However, I was still undecided on what type of engineering course to do. I was tempted by the Aeronautical Engineering degree course, as I...

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