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Who Moved My Cheese Essay

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Who moved my Cheese

I mostly identify with Hem and Haw, they are two little people. They are happy at first doing what comes naturally and eating what is in front of them. As time goes on the cheese begins to lessen and they eventually have no cheese, but they wait to see if more cheese will appear. When no cheese appears they eventually go out into the maze looking for more but they are afraid to move far from the place where the original cheese was. I feel I most identify with Hem and Haw because they are afraid to change but know that if they want to eat they will have to change. I was afraid at first to come back to school because I am in my twenties and not used to the studying. At first coming back to school was very hard for me because I hadn’t been in school since ...view middle of the document...

Throughout the book, I also learn that the most important ingredient in dealing with changes is attitude.
A lot of individuals fail to achieve their goals because they don't embrace change and think of it as opportunity instead of a burden. Indeed, when you think that change will be difficult then that is what it will be for you. On the other hand, when you act and think positively, you will always have a positive experiences and results with the changes that you undertake. The changes we make in our lives are widely driven by our attitude. Adapting and flexibility is also very serious in a society that is characterized by changes in approximately all territories.
When I read this book I had to stop and think 'WHAT'S MY CHEESE' and I could not help but to wonder in my reading, 'HOW CAN I GET SOME CHEESE'. As I really began to analyze my life a little more I realized that I had more than one 'Cheese' and all of my 'Cheese's' have been moved, sometimes more than once. All of this thinking made me realizes what my favorite 'cheeses' were, my friends and family, my job, my relationship with my boyfriend, and my financial situation. That also made me think of how I have reacted when things have changed in my life, I saw that I had different changes but I had generally reacted to them all in the same way.
The book highlights the fact that most individuals believe that a change from their usual routine can lead to different consequences, instead of believing that the intended change might leads to better things. It makes me realize that change can be very rewarding and positive as long as I decide to change my old ways both in my personal and professional life. Change is very important in my personal and professional life and I have to except it, adapt to it and embrace it. The interesting thing about change is that I can always bring it into my own life.

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